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The Mommy Makeover: Part 1 – An Interview with the Southern Marin Mothers’ Club

I was recently interviewed by the medical writer for the Southern Marin Mothers’ Club about the “Mommy Makeover.” I’ve included an excerpt of the feature below. The article was featured in the organization’s September newsletter and is full of useful and practical information.  You’ll find link to Part 2 of this article at the bottom of the […]

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San Francisco Leads the Nation in Plastic Surgery

In a city that prides itself in being “au natural”, under the surface San Francisco is transforming itself – literally.  Statistics show that San Francisco, not Los Angeles, leads the nation as the city where the most cosmetic surgery is performed! I was interviewed by the very hip 944 Magazine recently about what’s driving the […]

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Plastic Surgery is the Latest Accessory for Job Seekers

I thought that it was interesting that MSNBC was reporting that some surgeons and patients are now citing increased interest in surgery among people wanting to look younger and “fresher” for the ever-competitive job market.  This is a trend that I too am seeing in my office. • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a […]

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