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My Philosophy

I believe first and foremost that undergoing plastic surgery should be a positive and meaningful endeavor. That means not only getting the most beautiful result, but also having a superb experience before, during, and after. Both my office staff and I take pride in delivering for you the highest level of personalized, friendly, hands-on care in a discrete, beautiful office environment. We accept only the highest of safety standards and offer only the best in medical care. For this reason, we have a wide word-of-mouth referral base and are one of the most highly referred offices by other doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I believe one of the most important considerations a patient has in choosing his or her plastic surgeon is whether that surgeon can deliver the aesthetic result desired. Open communication is paramount to achieving this, which is why I take the time to fully understand your goals and expectations. With respect to aesthetics, I find the trend in plastic surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area is to desire a more natural look. None of my patients want to look “done.” None of them do. And in fact, they are pleased when their friends think they just look better and cannot figure out why. I am known for my unique, natural, minimalistic aesthetic. Before and after photos best illustrate this signature aesthetic, and we invite you to view our office collection. I am definitely a proponent of the less is more approach. I like results that are understated, but I make sure they are never underdone.

I firmly believe in suggesting the least invasive procedures possible to achieve the best results, and I will use the latest techniques to achieve that. I do not believe in frivolous extra procedures just because “we’re already there.” I offer only what will give you a real benefit, one that is predictable and proven. In this way, procedure times are minimized, there is less bruising and scarring, and the most expedited recovery is possible. Employing careful, meticulous surgical technique is another way that I facilitate more rapid healing and minimize recovery periods. My patients are busy; their time is in demand, and I appreciate the importance of getting them back to normal as soon as possible.

The most rewarding aspect of plastic surgery for me is helping a patient through the whole process and watching how it enhances his or her life. I see the joy and confidence that a superb plastic surgery experience can bring, and I invite you to experience it for yourself.