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Introduction to facial surgery

Facial rejuvenation is one of the most effective things you can do to dramatically improve your appearance. It corrects the outward signs of aging and refreshes your overall look. Your face is your most distinctive feature. We all want our faces to look as beautiful as possible and to accurately reflect how we feel about ourselves inside.There are many different plastic surgery procedures that can be done to improve the look of your face. A facelift corrects problems due to aging in the cheek, jaw-line, and neck. A browlift smoothes the forehead and relaxes the brow to give a more rested and youthful appearance, and a blepharoplasty lifts the eyes by removing extra skin and fatty bags from the eyelids. For most patients, Dr. Chang prefers the SMAS-Platysma facelift technique, the less-invasive endoscopic browlift approach, and conservative blepharoplasty techniques to accomplish each of these aesthetic goals. The ultimate effect of facial rejuvenation in our office is not to change your appearance, but to make you look as rested and naturally youthful as possible. In order to do this, Dr. Chang develops a customized plan for facial rejuvenation with each of her patients, taking into consideration age, lifestyle, goals, and anatomic considerations.

Traditionally, facial surgery has been considered a drastic step for only those patients with more advanced signs of aging, and many patients routinely got a “total facelift” look whether or not they needed it or wanted it. Today, however, many patients are doing smaller procedures earlier in order to age more gracefully. Many techniques can be performed in a much more subtle way so as to avoid the overdone and artificial look. Dr. Chang is definitely a proponent of the less is more approach. She is known for her natural aesthetic in facial surgery.

Certain other facial plastic surgery procedures are designed to alter our natural features in order to produce a more aesthetic look. These include rhinoplasty, or nasal reshaping, facial implants placed in either the chin or cheeks, and otoplasty, or ear reshaping. Because these procedures actually change what nature intended, it is important to fully consider them carefully. During your consultation, Dr. Chang will carefully discuss the options with you in order to achieve your aesthetic goals.