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Your Consultation

Your consultation is just that, your consultation. Dr. Chang will take the time to fully discuss with you all of your aesthetic goals. Your particular concerns will be addressed, in addition to being fully educated about all of your options. Dr. Chang believes strongly in education and information because it ensures that each individual arrives at a decision that is best for them. A pertinent exam will be performed. She will then show you pre and postoperative photos of patients who have agreed to allow their photos to be used. These photos are extremely important to consider as they will illustrate Dr. Chang’s signature beautiful and natural aesthetic. Working together during your consultation, a customized surgical plan will be developed for you. Dr. Chang will use her expertise to guide you to the best options for your particular anatomy, aesthetic goals, and personal circumstances.Prior to your consultation with Dr. Chang, you will be asked to fill out some basic information, including your medical insurance information and a brief health history. It is important that you answer the health questionnaire accurately and please feel free to bring any pertinent information to Dr. Chang’s immediate attention. Your health questionnaire will be reviewed with you during your consultation. These forms may be mailed or emailed to you prior to your visit.

After your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Chang’s patient coordinator. She will assist you with financial concerns, scheduling, logistics, and any other questions that you may have. She will also assist with the coordination of transportation, lodging, and any additional care concerns. This is a service that is especially beneficial for our out-of-town patients.

Dr. Chang’s patient coordinator will serve as an important resource for you as you consider your options. Patient references are also available upon request. As a courtesy to you, she will follow-up with you after your consultation to make sure that all of your questions were answered. All of our patients are encouraged to return for second consultations with Dr. Chang at no additional charge should they desire. Dr. Chang is also available to answer additional questions over the phone if this is more appropriate.

Our consultation process is designed with your needs in mind. Making the leap from thinking about plastic surgery to actually having plastic surgery is the hardest part of the whole process. We are here to provide you a comfortable, easy, discrete environment in which to do just that.