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Introduction to plastic surgery

Due to increased media exposure, knowledge, and easier access, plastic surgery is now no longer reserved for a few select individuals. Rates of plastic surgery have steadily risen over the last few decades, fueled by increased patient awareness and an unparalleled comfort level with cosmetic surgery. The surgical procedures themselves have been refined in order to provide the patient with the best results while minimizing recovery periods. Contemplating plastic surgery is the first step. Making the commitment to having it is the second. Dr. Chang’s goal is to help make this transition natural and comfortable.

Dr. Chang is one of San Francisco’s leading plastic surgeons. Her patients come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area, the entire United States, and from abroad for her expertise. She helps them obtain complete up-to-date information and prioritize aesthetic goals. These are the first steps in making the right choices. Dr. Chang takes great care to completely understand her patients’ desires and works with each one to develop a comprehensive, customized approach. Her office is designed to ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience for all of her patients, while providing only the highest level of individualized service. Maintaining a natural and unoperated look is her trademark specialty, and her patients are able to enjoy the most beautiful of aesthetic results discretely.