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The Mommy Makeover: Part 1 – An Interview with the Southern Marin Mothers’ Club

I was recently interviewed by the medical writer for the Southern Marin Mothers’ Club about the “Mommy Makeover.” I’ve included an excerpt of the feature below. The article was featured in the organization’s September newsletter and is full of useful and practical information.  You’ll find link to Part 2 of this article at the bottom of the page.

Feeling Good and Looking Good: Part 1
Mommy Makeover Surgery:  A conversation with plastic surgeon, Dr. Carolyn Chang

Being pregnant and becoming a mom are among the greatest experiences in life –however for many mom’s, the toll pregnancy takes on their bodies is a badge that they don’t want to wear forever.  With the growing trend among mom’s to seek “mommy makeover” surgery, I spoke to San Francisco’s mommy makeover expert Dr. Carolyn Chang, a leading plastic surgeon and Vice Chair of Plastic Surgery at California Pacific Hospital, to understand more about why moms are having surgery, what they’re having done, and what considerations a mom should have before embarking on surgery.

What’s behind the recent trend of “mommy makeovers”?
Many women are waiting longer to have children, and their bodies are simply not able to snap back, particularly if they have had several pregnancies or multiples, which can really take a toll on the belly.  I also think that because of the increased exposure of plastic surgery in the popular media, more women are aware of it as a possibility to explore.

Who do you believe is the ideal candidate for mommy makeover surgery?
Any mother who is feeling self conscious about her body after pregnancy is a candidate, however surgery should only be reserved for those who have such profound changes that diet and exercise cannot reverse.  And she should never contemplate surgery unless she is at a stable, healthy, and sustainable weight.

What are the most common types of surgery that moms are getting?
A mommy makeover surgery usually combines some type of body contouring like a tummy tuck or liposuction with breast surgery to bring the body back to pre pregnancy shape.  As a result of pregnancy over stretching of the abdominal tissues can cause separation of the abdominal muscles that support the abdominal wall.  The result may make a woman look and feel like she is falling out” in the front.  Some patients tell me that people still ask them if they are pregnant years after they have delivered!

Many mom’s also notice that their breasts have changed after their pregnancies and breast feeding — most often that they have shrunk and sagged.  In other cases, they have stayed persistently too large and heavy.  Women who experience any of these symptoms in their breasts or abdomen are usually candidates for a mommy makeover.

(Click here for Part 2 of The Mommy Makeover article)

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