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Introduction to breast surgery

Breast surgery procedures are some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures requested in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the entire United States. They are often one of the first procedures that women contemplate having. Breasts are one of the unique defining features of being female and can impact significantly one’s appearance and body image.

Plastic surgery of the breasts can make smaller breasts larger and fuller by using breast implants, a procedure known as breast augmentation. Conversely, breasts that are too large can be reduced in volume with a breast reduction. A mastopexy, or breast lift, can be performed when the breasts are too droopy in order to lift them, thereby improving the overall shape without affecting the size dramatically. And finally, some breasts need a combination of an augmentation and a lift in order to achieve a shapelier look. This is often the case with post-pregnancy mothers who would like their breasts to return to the shape that they had prior to giving birth.

With all of these options Dr. Chang advocates a natural appearance, one in which the breasts look, feel, and move naturally. She utilizes the shortest scars and least invasive approaches possible in order to achieve your desired result. Patients who have made a commitment to breast surgery are some of the happiest and most satisfied. They find a renewed sense of self-confidence in their appearance and an improved overall body image.