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The Doctors

The Doctors

Deserving Dream Makeover

Several months ago the producers of The Doctors, an internationally syndicated television show, asked if they could feature me as the first surgeon in their new series called, Deserving Dream Makeover.  The producer wanted me to identify a “deserving” patient who needed plastic surgery to repair or correct an exceptional cosmetic facial issue, beyond normal aging.  Timing is everything – I had the perfect patient, a woman who had recently been referred to me by her dermatologist and neurosurgeon.

Caroline Martin, a kindergarten teacher, had back-to-back brain aneurysms that nearly took her life.  She spent weeks in a coma that left her looking 30 years older, and in her eyes, deformed.  Although she told me she was happy and grateful to be alive, she felt insecure with her appearance and it was a constant reminder of her trauma.  I wanted to help her regain her confidence and give her a second chance to live her life looking as she did before her brain trauma.  Her results are amazing.

You can see the entire episode with her “big reveal” in the link below.